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#10.611 sec0.350 sec0.574 sec0.423 sec0.490 sec1.958 secVATMRUS9/2/20, 10:54 AM
#20.652 sec1.029 sec1.074 sec1.005 sec0.940 sec3.760 secLo_racKOR5/6/21, 1:48 PM
#30.000 sec1.242 sec1.269 sec1.272 sec0.946 sec3.783 secNegative_GForceFRA6/20/21, 8:59 PM
#40.880 sec1.105 sec0.998 sec1.151 sec1.034 sec4.134 secVideoBadCHN10/6/20, 7:36 PM
#50.586 sec1.064 sec1.189 sec1.504 sec1.086 sec4.343 secKoronav_YrusRUS12/9/20, 6:44 PM
#60.703 sec1.192 sec1.436 sec1.037 sec1.092 sec4.368 secYoungmin_LimKOR6/9/22, 7:09 PM
#70.474 sec1.617 sec1.338 sec1.037 sec1.117 sec4.466 secHEROHEAVENKOR8/25/22, 9:57 AM
#80.641 sec1.111 sec1.502 sec1.272 sec1.132 sec4.526 secMaster0fN0thingUSA12/6/20, 9:56 AM
#90.788 sec1.297 sec1.311 sec1.263 sec1.165 sec4.659 secCon_s1KOR12/8/20, 7:32 AM
#100.892 sec1.304 sec1.177 sec1.385 sec1.190 sec4.758 secAkeaXIIRUS3/12/22, 5:42 PM
#111.249 sec1.278 sec1.234 sec1.112 sec1.219 sec4.873 secS1L3NTCBRA12/7/20, 12:55 AM
#121.247 sec1.254 sec1.048 sec1.337 sec1.222 sec4.886 secLancenfstrUSA8/19/21, 5:53 AM
#131.286 sec1.205 sec1.200 sec1.197 sec1.222 sec4.888 seczpil333KOR8/27/22, 7:43 AM
#141.509 sec1.089 sec1.302 sec1.028 sec1.232 sec4.928 secK0T0NOH4BRA12/5/20, 5:07 PM
#150.938 sec1.283 sec1.489 sec1.477 sec1.297 sec5.187 sec-___Squishy___-BRA11/20/20, 3:30 AM
#160.804 sec1.746 sec1.280 sec1.389 sec1.305 sec5.219 sechouuUSA12/24/21, 5:19 AM
#170.504 sec1.194 sec1.560 sec2.068 sec1.332 sec5.326 secBulki-LTU2/22/22, 9:57 PM
#180.184 sec1.706 sec1.710 sec1.727 sec1.332 sec5.327 secAwsDODOUSA10/6/20, 6:27 PM
#191.046 sec1.231 sec1.772 sec1.326 sec1.344 sec5.375 secHTID..RUS12/3/20, 11:42 AM
#200.883 sec1.485 sec1.669 sec1.449 sec1.372 sec5.486 secAh_WeeMYS12/5/20, 10:12 AM
#211.086 sec1.496 sec1.376 sec1.534 sec1.373 sec5.492 secHarrisT03MYS12/6/20, 7:26 AM
#221.074 sec1.373 sec1.752 sec1.357 sec1.389 sec5.556 secx4RN4UDxFRA10/7/20, 1:30 AM
#231.141 sec1.429 sec1.500 sec1.508 sec1.395 sec5.578 secsausageeggKOR12/9/20, 6:13 AM
#240.050 sec1.966 sec1.813 sec1.777 sec1.402 sec5.606 secCoccaineColaIND12/9/20, 7:14 AM
#250.084 sec1.784 sec1.890 sec1.859 sec1.405 sec5.617 secrattlesnake46IND12/5/20, 2:15 PM
#261.272 sec1.705 sec1.289 sec1.410 sec1.419 sec5.676 seciTsumetaayBRA11/19/20, 9:46 PM
#271.205 sec1.453 sec1.668 sec1.352 sec1.420 sec5.678 secKOR_bluehi7612USA12/31/20, 3:07 AM
#280.110 sec1.584 sec1.969 sec2.027 sec1.423 sec5.690 secCypher696IND12/6/20, 2:36 AM
#291.750 sec1.485 sec1.504 sec1.289 sec1.507 sec6.028 secPrystolUSA12/7/20, 6:33 PM
#301.510 sec1.500 sec1.560 sec1.496 sec1.517 sec6.066 secmadebyWITTDNK2/19/22, 6:12 PM