How does it work ?

Are you wondering which approach and vault content is the most lucrative? What will your share be?

GTA Heist Info enables you to know in advance the approximate value of the vault you'll be able to retrieve, based of several criterias :

  • the vault content
  • your approach
  • the difficulty
  • the hacker, gunman and driver selection
  • your team's hacking level

Our algorithm also considers how much time you'll need to retrieve the vault content, and is based on :

  • walking time needed between each cart / artwork
  • time spent to open each door (fingerprint hack or thermal bomb)
  • time needed to grab the entire content of each cart (or each piece of artwork). See vault loot guide


Vault content

Select the vault content that matches your mission.
Tip: It's better to have gold or artwork.



Select your strategic approach and difficulty level.
Tip: Silent & Sneacky and Big Con can afford you more vault room time, and reduces your chances of getting shot and therefore losing money.


Support crew

Select your choice of hacker, gunman and driver.
Tip: Choose an expert hacker and the worst driver for all approaches.
Tip: Choose a good gunman for the aggressive approach.


Your team

Select the total number of players participating in the heist.
Tip: The optimal number of players is 3.
Tip: With 2 players you should be able to collect all the artwork.