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#10.611 sec0.350 sec0.574 sec0.423 sec0.490 sec1.958 secVATMRUS9/2/20, 8:54 AM
#20.880 sec1.105 sec0.998 sec1.151 sec1.034 sec4.134 secVideoBadCHN10/6/20, 5:36 PM
#30.184 sec1.706 sec1.710 sec1.727 sec1.332 sec5.327 secAwsDODOUSA10/6/20, 4:27 PM
#41.074 sec1.373 sec1.752 sec1.357 sec1.389 sec5.556 secx4RN4UDxFRA10/6/20, 11:30 PM
#51.486 sec1.238 sec1.719 sec1.602 sec1.512 sec6.045 secHTID..RUS10/6/20, 11:05 AM
#61.425 sec1.466 sec1.764 sec1.460 sec1.529 sec6.115 secDragonSoarTekCAN9/7/20, 7:45 AM
#71.314 sec1.638 sec1.755 sec1.663 sec1.593 sec6.370 secFoxtrautusSGP10/6/20, 12:44 PM
#81.355 sec1.820 sec1.512 sec1.791 sec1.620 sec6.478 secmadebyWITTDNK10/6/20, 12:12 PM
#90.104 sec2.194 sec2.819 sec2.129 sec1.812 sec7.246 secScorpion23GTBRA10/7/20, 8:54 PM
#101.156 sec1.649 sec1.970 sec2.892 sec1.917 sec7.667 secdifizeSVK10/6/20, 12:42 PM
#111.969 sec2.107 sec1.871 sec1.780 sec1.932 sec7.727 secYasengBananaKOR10/3/20, 6:36 PM
#121.894 sec2.242 sec1.948 sec1.765 sec1.963 sec7.849 secmyst43slothROU10/7/20, 3:42 PM
#132.264 sec2.541 sec2.072 sec2.153 sec2.258 sec9.030 secLPonce27ARG10/8/20, 3:03 AM
#142.250 sec2.118 sec2.581 sec2.094 sec2.261 sec9.043 secRomsick7GBR10/6/20, 4:23 PM
#152.121 sec2.939 sec2.023 sec2.185 sec2.317 sec9.268 secYG11231SVN10/24/20, 12:35 AM
#163.012 sec2.625 sec2.049 sec2.217 sec2.476 sec9.903 secDrjzockerGBR10/7/20, 8:09 PM
#173.412 sec2.268 sec2.059 sec2.320 sec2.515 sec10.059 secRacermon4lifeUSA10/6/20, 2:13 PM
#182.104 sec2.773 sec2.742 sec2.769 sec2.597 sec10.388 secVelvetPawHUN10/13/20, 10:54 AM
#193.014 sec3.379 sec2.432 sec2.260 sec2.772 sec11.085 secNotARSenicIND10/9/20, 6:38 PM
#202.408 sec2.450 sec2.988 sec3.418 sec2.816 sec11.264 secGummiSGP10/7/20, 11:11 AM
#212.327 sec3.452 sec2.740 sec2.879 sec2.850 sec11.398 secTimesthxTHA9/11/20, 2:33 AM
#221.366 sec3.345 sec3.802 sec2.905 sec2.855 sec11.418 secSnekfanROU9/23/20, 2:35 PM
#233.921 sec2.420 sec2.616 sec2.800 sec2.940 sec11.757 secXzcvNEOvczXPHL10/8/20, 12:54 PM
#243.466 sec3.203 sec2.487 sec3.159 sec3.079 sec12.315 secwhat?POL9/4/20, 4:55 AM
#252.461 sec2.924 sec3.110 sec3.952 sec3.112 sec12.447 secAngeloDiVercettiBOL10/22/20, 2:33 PM
#263.134 sec3.244 sec3.291 sec2.963 sec3.158 sec12.632 seciheartpelicansUGA9/23/20, 2:30 PM
#273.574 sec3.820 sec3.142 sec2.308 sec3.211 sec12.844 secJakkbbCAN8/28/20, 2:35 AM
#283.533 sec4.673 sec3.003 sec2.420 sec3.408 sec13.629 secCrackAddixtionAUS10/2/20, 12:30 PM
#293.789 sec3.519 sec3.115 sec3.510 sec3.484 sec13.933 secYG1231SVN10/7/20, 1:47 PM
#303.438 sec3.082 sec4.509 sec3.187 sec3.554 sec14.216 secTaba1224KOR10/9/20, 6:43 AM